Draught of Sunshine

hey i'm liv. 20. i love my family, books, poetry, rainy days, crafting, Lord of the Rings, tea, people watching, the 20's, BBC Sherlock, and cold weather to list a few things. enjoy my blog!



Costumes by Tove Berglund

Some of the costumes I designed for the dance performance ‘Kostymdrama’. Photographed by Miranda Ivarsson. The performance piece was the result of a collaboration between the dance collective Ches:co and myself at Dansens Hus in Stockholm in the autumn of 2009.

Models: Inga Wennergren, Klas Bergqvist, Disa Östrand
Costume: Tove Berglund
Photo: Miranda Ivarsson

Dance and choreography: Tove Brunberg, Ludvig Daae, Marie Kagrell, Minnoka Nockrach
and Rebecka Stillman


two years ago i believed kisses
were mouthfuls of blooming rosebuds.

and last year i thought
perhaps kisses are only thorns.
because i walked away with bloodied
and bruised lips.

now i know, however,
i understand completely,
that kisses will grow a garden
all over your body.
and sometimes you land in brambles
instead of flowerbeds.

you make me feel like prince phillip crawling out of the brambles and finding roses, cassandra litten, 11 march 2014 (via cassandralitten)

(via smudgeofpaint)